Stranded in a Snowstorm – A Novel By Paul Wozniak

Who would have thought that a backpacking trip that was supposed to be all warm and fluffy could end up being so cold, so lonely, and so very dangerous? Trek along with Nico and Hannah as an unexpected snowstorm teaches them just how much wilderness savvy they have. Is it enough? Will they need more? See how their rescuer uses 21st century technology along with timeless backcountry smarts to try to find his friends. And, experience how Nico, our 12 year old hero, comes to understand that sometimes there is quite a fine line between independent thought and misbehaving. Stranded in a Snowstorm features backcountry powder skiing and snowboarding, backpacking, fire lighting, survival, rock and roll, and emergency whistles. Our heroes have to hike high, hunker low, ski and ride fast, and huddle together just to survive. Will they make it out alive? Will their twists and turns be enough to keep them from the dangers that beautiful Mother Nature brings? Get ready to strap in and poke some freshies while you read this epic adventure!

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