About Paul Wozniak

Paul Wozniak is the host of one of the most listened to radio programs in Northern Colorado on TRI 102.5. Additionally, he is the creator of the Green Radventures series that has numerous kids’ book apps and an outdoor adventure kids’ chapter book that teaches lessons of Green Living and love and respect for the earth, an accomplished speaker and a true lover of life, and the most sought after live event host in his area. Paul’s kids book app, Nico Goes to the Mountains, was given 4 out of 5 stars by USAToday, and he has received awards from the Colorado Broadcasters Association for his on-air work. Paul is a favorite of his clients, readers, and his listeners because of his ability to understand and empathize with them, no matter what walk of life they are from or where they may be. That is probably why he is so often asked to return to speak, host, DJ and help people create the things they want to create.

Paul grew up in Pennsylvania and now lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife Sarah.

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  • Author
    Check out the Green Radventures series. These books and kids book apps are fun and exciting, and teach lessons of Green Living!
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    Radio Personality
    Paul’s one-of-a-kind personality brings joy to so many people from one of Northern Colorado’s most popular radio stations, TRI102.5
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    On-Camera Host
    Paul’s on-camera work as an interviewer, host and presenter will make your product or service shine!
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    Health and Fitness
    For Paul, nutrition is his ticket to maintaining the active and adventurous lifestyle.
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