SOLD! OCT. 4, 2016

210 Goodner Ave. La Salle, CO 80645

IRES Colorado MLS Listing Description – Weld County country charm without the high Greeley price? That’s right! Under $200k! This charming 3 bedroom with extra office or creative space and an oversized garage with plenty of room for your tool bench is ready for you! Spacious, open kitchen to living room floor plan allows for entertaining, family connection, and still has privacy. Very pleasant neighborhood with a downtown adjacent that is set to improve in the near future. Parks, coffeeshop, farmland all walkable distance!

Listed and sold by Paul Wozniak and RE/MAX Alliance

TJ and Andrea getting their keys to their new home!

The Sellers

TJ and Andrea were such a fun couple to serve. They have a delightful daughter, and this property was their first home. They moved in a few days after they married, sporting a bright hope for the future, a good old-fashioned work-hard ethic, a supportive family in La Salle and Eaton, and they hadn’t expected home ownership to pay off so quickly in such a significant way. The Northern Colorado real estate market has astounded many of us since 2012, and TJ and Andrea were able to enjoy the fruits of going to work every day, keeping their finances in order, and making mortgage instead of rent payments.

It was one of those sales that was a real joy because they earned every penny they walked with because, like many Colorado first time homebuyers, the purchase took everything they could muster. It was challenging for them to pull it off, as it is with so many first timers. When I bought my first property, it drained every account I had, and I even had to ask for the small earnest money deposit from my parents. Uh-oh. I think forgot to pay them back. Thanks Mom and Dad! 🙂

So, helping them sell and make a lateral payment but vertical property move was a joy.

They purchased new construction in Dove Hill, and their view is of a gorgeous, classic Weld County farm field. We were right on time with that purchase. Availability and ability to pick the lot fluctuates, but they were ‘Johnny on the spot’ and swooped in on a great Ohio model from J&J Construction. Upgrade cost? Worth it!

The Buyers

It’s a good practice for the listing agent to know much more about their clients than the people buying the home. I worked with Matt Powell of RE/MAX Eagle Rock, and the buyer (nameless for our purposes) was easy to work with, and a great person to meet at the closing table. Most transactions go pretty much all the way to the very last day of the process at closing without meeting the person ‘on the other side’.

From both ends, I felt the spirit of “Let’s just get this done.” And we did. The communications that went on to iron out the kinks, the likes of which appear in most every deal, were smooth and easy. With one exception, when I mistook something and thought I had to be more assertive than I did to protect my clients. Apologies, Matt. 🙂

It was like a quadruple win deal. Quintuple win. How does one ‘uple’ seven? We all did well.

The Lessons from this Colorado Real Estate Deal

There are always lessons to be learned.

  1. Roofers, when they ‘walk the roof’, are analyzing it to determine if it has about three years of useful life left. Less than that, most lenders will want it to be replaced.
  2. Insurance covers hail damaged roofs. 🙂
  3. Peeling paint, or exposed wood and FHA loans do not mix. When selling to an FHA buyer, if there are unpainted surfaces, someone will have to take care of it. From the lender’s standpoint, no paint means no protection, and they don’t want to lend money to buy an unprotected structure.
  4. Call. Or talk face to face. There are so many details that go into purchasing a home in Colorado, or anywhere, and the best practice for when things go really wrong, when an email is too complicated to write or a text too long to send, pick up the phone. Hop in the car. Three to 20 minutes and Matt and I talked through everything that needed to be talked through.

Another deal that made me so pleased to be Realtor® Paul Wozniak. Let me know if I can help you!


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