Conferences are a part of my business plan.

I’m a forever student. As a Realtor®, the Colorado Association of Realtors® conference is one of the most important forums that I can attend because of its timeliness, relevance, true concern for the area and to meet the who’s who of the industry.

The conference features classes, chances for Realtors® to earn continuing education credits (24 required every three years), networking, bowling, dancing, food festivals and fun times.

The beautiful thing was that everyone there, by virtue of being a Realtor®, is inherently the type of person that goes above and beyond. That’s what the organization is. Realtors® voluntarily abide by a code of ethics that go beyond the expectations required by the state of Colorado for licensure. A real estate agent that is licensed to sell real estate is not necessarily a Realtor®. The National Association of Realtors® requires dues, conduct becoming, and works on our behalf to make real estate easier for the public to buy, sell and own.

Paul Wozniak

Paul Wozniak

Executive Producer, Creator, Host - Fort Collins Real Estate Radio and Podcast

The inspirational speakers, for me, are always a great highlight.

I’m into visualization. I’m into imagining the future. I believe that if ever something is to be received, it must first be conceived and then, and more importantly, believed. This year’s speakers knocked it out of the park.

Food Truck Plaza kept us well fed

As with so many conferences, the full affect is best felt by attending the whole time, partaking in the ‘optional’ evening events, staying at the hotel where everyone else is staying, and planning to spend a bunch of time in the bar. Even if you are like me and don’t drink alcohol, the bar is where people socialize. Alcohol and I don’t mix, but I still want to mix with the people that use it with their mixers.

In between the socializing, the classes, inspirational and sometimes instructional speakers fill my head with new ideas and give me reminders that the basics are what it is about, so I should get back to them.

The final speaker of the weekend, Curtis Zimmerman, challenged us to (among other things, including juggling) focus on what we really were going to implement from what we had learned this week, next week.

For me, that was easy. My goals walking away from the conference are to heed Tommy Spaulding’s words about being a heart led leader. I would also like to make sure that I develop proper checklists and planned contact systems for my clients, especially those who are mid transaction. Finally, in an effort to do what I have ALWAYS known is a good idea, I am going to read more. Period. Starting with Ninja Selling by Larry Kendall, that I picked up at the conference.

I also resolve to conference mightily, now and into the future, forever and ever, amen.

Image by Paul Wozniak
Image by Paul Wozniak