Even before you start thinking of your next move, it might help to start to imagine a little bit of what the future casa may be like. It’s a pretty big deal, and it can be a really satisfying process when we’re moving on up. 

What Will Your Next Pad Provide?

Quartz counters?

More space?

Less to do?

Compatible neighborhood?

What Will It Help You Feel?





Are You Happy Where You Are?

Sort of?



Take Action

Form a clear vision of what you want.

Change some of your surroundings to match what you want from the future.

Pick as many aspects as you can. The less you leave to chance the better!

Whenever you are choosing what you want, the best way to make it happen is to know how the thing will make you FEEL.

When you buy or sell, you make a move. Well, the first part of moving is really shopping. When you are ready to move, you start to shop what is available. For many people, this will be the first thought they give to their now and future permanent surroundings! Don’t wait until you are under the gun and have to make a decision that works for the finances, time and resources available. That’s a big bag of stress!

  • You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. ~Wayne Gretzky 100% 100%

Give yourself a shot at improving your living situation by thinking about the things you will want in the future. Just be aware of them, notice the styles of homes, decor, settings and finishes that are appealing. If you can’t necessarily afford the ones you are seeing out there, then be satisfied that what you will receive can make you feel as good as those ones. 

Form a clear vision of what you want in your mind. And, if I can help you find it, please let me know. 🙂