Air Date Oct. 5, 2016

HOST – Realtor® Paul Wozniak

Guests – Realtor® Sean Dougherty – RE/MAX Alliance; Axel Siverts – Home Mortgage Alliance; TJ Dalton – Buyer, Seller, Renter, Owner

Paul wozniakI am Realtor® Paul Wozniak with RE/MAX Alliance real estate in Fort Collins, and I created Fort Collins Real Estate Radio Show and Podcast to provide REAL Real Estate Information for Buyers, Sellers, Renters and Owners of Real Estate in Fort Collins and Colorado’s Northern Front Range. I produce, write, edit, host and otherwise imagine the show and am so thankful to be doing it. I hope you enjoy it! It’s my way of creating greater and dynamic value for this area, because I love it. I appreciate it.

Fort Collins has been my home since 2002, and I have since been serving this area with my skills as a Great Communicator; to enrich the lives of listeners of my radio show, to improve business for our clients, to benefit the community through charity work, and to honor my position by keeping the focus of my broadcasts, shows, blogs, videos, live appearances and services I provide on the people I serve and the communities of Northern Colorado as a whole.

Consistent with my past, I have put the focus of this podcast on you; Buyers, Sellers, Renters and Owners of real estate in Northern Colorado. 

What is it really like to buy a home in Fort Collins? How do you get started looking for real estate in Colorado? How can you find answers to real questions, instead of just being shown what houses are available?

That is the reason I created this show. We have so many great Realtors® in Fort Collins whose brains are filled with helpful information that is key in real estate transactions, and we want to share it with the members of our community. We know that educating and empowering individuals is the best thing that we can do for our community as a whole. When our clients have a better understanding of actual real estate issues in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor and beyond, we as Realtors® are better able to help them make great decisions. Believe me, in almost every real estate transaction, tough decisions must be made!

“To the airwaves!”

That’s what I said when I searched the Internet looking for what you as buyers and sellers would find in a common search. Because I found so little, I created Fort Collins Real Estate Radio Show and Podcast and this website to provide it for you. The show airs on 88.9 KRFC Fort Collins and Click here for their website and showtimes.

I truly hope you enjoy it, and I would love to be your Realtor®. If you are selling your home, or buying your home, please feel free to call me or click for a Free Custom Report.



Realtor® Sean Dougherty – RE/MAX Alliance

Sean’s Website






Lender Axel Siverts – Home Mortgage Alliance

Axel’s Website


Buyer? Seller? Renter? Owner?

TJ and Andrea getting their keys to their new home!

A show about real estate is about the homes that sustain us and protect us. It is about the land that holds us up, and provides us with food. It is about the space below it and above it, from the center of the earth all the way up through the sky. It is about the water that flows across it, collecting in some places, and the mountains that hold its source.

A show about real estate is about something that we interact with intimately just about every single day of our lives. I wanted to make sure to talk to not just Realtors®, but also to the people who don’t go near a real estate office or think about it as an industry until it is time to buy or sell a home. Let us know if you’d like to be on the show.

In this episode, I pick my panel’s brain, and find the answer to the following questions.

  1. How do I get started looking for a new home in Fort Collins?
  2. What should I look for in a Realtor®?
  3. How can I find a lender in Fort Collins?
  4. What will Fort Collins lenders want to know about me so they can help me purchase Fort Collins real estate?
  5. Where do you start your Fort Collins home search?
  6. What is the best place for information if I want to buy a home in Fort Collins?

Most episodes of Fort Collins Real Estate Radio Show and Podcast are created from my radio show of the same name. Since I don’t like hour long podcasts, I break them up. They are all posted in chronological order, so where one ends, another begins.

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