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In this, the third part of our VERY FIRST SHOW, we continue to talk about the basics of buying real estate in Fort Collins, lending, and the details that go along with each.

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I am Realtor® Paul Wozniak and I created Fort Collins Real Estate Radio Show and Podcast to provide REAL Real Estate Information for Buyers, Sellers, Renters and Owners of Real Estate in Fort Collins and Colorado’s Northern Front Range. I produce, write, edit, and host and otherwise imagine the show and am so thankful to be doing it. I hope you enjoy it! It’s my way of creating greater and dynamic value for this area, because I love it and and I so appreciate that I can call it home.

Fort Collins has been my home since 2002, and I have been serving this area with my skills as a great communicator; to enrich the lives of listeners of my radio show, to improve business for our clients, to benefit the community through charity work, and to honor the lucky position I created for myself by keeping the focus of my broadcasts, shows, blogs, videos, live appearances and all other connections that I have made on the community and what is good for it. 

You’ll find plenty of fluffy posts, baiting searches, mortgage calculators that may or may not give an accurate picture of the situation and surface information about real estate in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado on this beautiful Internet. What you wouldn’t find, until now, is a site that talks about issues of substance as they relate to real estate.

What is it really like to buy a home in Fort Collins? How do you get started looking for real estate in Colorado? How can you find answers to questions besides what houses are available?

That is the reason I created this show. We have so many great Realtors® in Fort Collins whose brains are filled with helpful information, and we want to share it with the members of our community. We know that educating and empowering individuals is the best thing that we can do for our community as a whole. When our clients have a better understanding of actual real estate issues in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor and beyond, we as Realtors® are better able to help them make great decisions. Believe me, in almost every real estate transaction, tough decisions must be made.

“To the airwaves!” That’s what I said when I searched the Internet looking for what you as buyers and sellers would find in a common search. Because I found, so little, I created Fort Collins Real Estate Radio Show and Podcast and this website to provide it for you.




Realtor® Sean Dougherty – RE/MAX Alliance

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Lender Axel Siverts – Home Mortgage Alliance

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Aki Palmer – Commercial Realtor® Cushman Wakefield




Aki Palmer is director of brokerage services at Cushman Wakefield. He lets us in on the skinny of what is happening in the commercial real estate market in Fort Collins. Vacancy is low, but increased construction costs might be having a bit of a slowing affect. I couldn’t let him out of the studio without asking him a bit about his basketball career as Colorado State University. Truth be told, I came to know Aki on the basketball court at the Fort Collins Club. After I saw him play for about a minute, I could tell he wasn’t just a guy who played in high school. Turns out, he still has a school record or two on the books.

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