Median and Average Home Sale Prices Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Berthoud, Colorado

This report details the current average and median prices of real estate in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Berthoud. The data stays current, as I am linked directly to InfoSparks, a tool provided to me by Northern Colorado’s MLS service, IRESis.

MEDIAN Sales Prices of Homes in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Berthoud


AVERAGE Sales Prices of Homes in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Berthoud


What does this report tell us?

Now is a great time to sell real estate in Fort Collins, and all over Colorado’s Northern Front Range.

Its an even better time to consider being crafty, prepared, and flexible when you buy real estate in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Berthoud, or real estate in Weld County.

It’s even more important to have a great team around you because with prices going up, everyone wants a piece, and it can be difficult to tell who is able to close a deal and who is not—sometimes until after it is too late. 🙁

What makes a solid real estate team?

Start with honesty, and add heaping helpings of trust. Too simple? Okay, here’s more.

  • A trusted Realtor®
    • One who truly understands the fiduciary ideal of putting your interests first. One who is interested in you. If they are doing most of the talking, move on and call me! I will listen to you!
    • I am a real estate Broker
      • Brokers are ‘connectors’
        • I am extremely well connected and networked throughout Northern Colorado because of my long career serving this area
        • I won’t expect you to know the people we’ll need. But when you are shopping, you can always start with my trusted network!

Other Team Members

  • A talented and knowledgeable lender
    • Lenders take your financial fitness, in whatever state it may be, and attempt to fit you into a loan that works for everyone involved in the transaction.
  • A good title company who is accommodating to the needs of everyone involved
  • An excellent CPA who helps you fit your real estate needs and desires into that of your entire tax picture
    • This is not a necessity to sell or buy real estate, but I believe that a great CPA is key

About Paul

I am Realtor® Paul Wozniak, and it would be my pleasure to serve your real estate needs!

Wait, a second, if you are reading this, I already am serving at least some of your needs.. True to my practice, which focuses on educating my clients and letting them make decisions with as much or as little of my help as they need and desire, this blog post is here to educate you. It will help you discover a little bit of what Colorado real estate has to offer.

I have been creating content my whole life—radio, video, TV, books, photography, music, live events, heck, I’ve even produced broadcasts of hockey games. I have worked in the creation of information pretty much all my life, and I believe in its power.

That is why you will find REAL real estate information all over this website, and all throughout my practice. Where ever I am, I know that my role is to add value by providing information, or by finding it. I help to frame things so they fit in the big picture. I listen, and understand that the best source of any problem you have is probably you. I am licensed by the state of Colorado, a Realtor® by choice, and I only want to be part of honest deals that are all above board.

I want to know your goals, and I want to understand what I can do to help you achieve them.