Paul Wozniak and RE/MAX

Realtor® Paul Wozniak, along with his team, serve Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, Timnath, Severance, Wellington and the surrounding areas.

Plus, with a brand like RE/MAX Alliance, Paul enjoys access to offices, services and help across the state, and even the nation!

Meet the Team

Paul wozniak

REALTOR® Paul Wozniak

As a Realtor®, I want to help position you and your home for the greatest success possible! I am licensed by the state of Colorado to help you through the process of buying or selling real estate. My duty is to protect you and advocate for you along the way. I am honest, authentic, and am not afraid to think big! We’ll make a great team!



Meanwhile, here is my team—the people who handle things for RE/MAX Alliance Realtors® behind the scenes.

RE/MAX Alliance provides me with a staff and resources that are second to none. Their care and concern for our clients and community combined with their skills, abilities and experience has led RE/MAX Alliance to be leaders in real estate in Fort Collins and across our great state of Colorado.


Hazel Reed - Managing Broker - REMAX Alliance Fort Collins South

Hazel Reed

Managing Broker

Hazel is a managing broker who is deeply involved with her Realtors® and helps them achieve incredible results because of her experience, dedication, skill, availability and drive. Her pleasant demeanor can diffuse tense situations, especially because she knows how to help us find the correct answer to the question at hand.





Kelly Nehls - Office Manager - REMAX Alliance Fort Collins South

Kelly Nehls

Office Manager

The deal is in the details, and Kelly is an Office Manager who knows how to keep details straight. She runs a very tight ship, has implemented friendly and usable systems, and is always there to help in any way that is needed.





Tiffiny Zamora - Marketing - REMAX Alliance Fort Collins

Tiffiny Zamora


Consistent, clear, concise messaging is key in selling your home, and my team helps me make sure that we have a checkmark in every important marketing box.

Tiffany Zamora is a whiz in marketing, from design to release, and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty by helping me with items that need her personal attention. How do we make our fliers, ads and signs look so good? Well, to put it simply…Tiffiny does it!





Amanda Eastwood

Marketing and RE/MAX Systems

RE/MAX Alliance systems for selling your property are head and shoulders above the competition. However, with great technology comes a need for greater understanding. Things are constantly changing, and we are always implementing new ideas to help our Realtors® help you. Enter Amanda. Always available, cheerful and astute. She knows our complicated systems as if she built them, and she is a true asset to the cause of selling your home!






Beautiful things happen when we float with the RE/MAX Balloon! Our Realtors® create a brokerage with a family feel. Instead of competing with each other, we create together. We share advice and contacts. We ask for help, and also offer it. We sell more real estate than anyone in Northern Colorado, so I regularly do deals with RE/MAX brokers representing the other side. I’m so proud to be with RE/MAX, and that is because of one very simple reason…our people.



And Finally…YOU!!

That’s right! When we work together, I join your team, you join mine. We work together in order to achieve your goals, and you will have an active part in this process. We’ll get to know each other as well as we need to in order to achieve your real estate goals. I’m so happy when my clients become friends, which happens often. This is because, while I am all about getting the deal done and accomplishing what you want, I am personable and personal and love to expand my network of friends, associates and colleagues.

We’ll make a great TEAM!


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Realtor® Paul Wozniak REMAX Alliance