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Inventory Report

Supply, and the demand for that supply, can directly affect what Colorado real estate will end up costing. This post looks at the supply of homes for sale now, and also what it looked like last year up to this month for the Colorado towns of Greeley, Wellington and Severance.

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Data compiled and formatted by Infosparks. I access this service through our multiple listing service, IRES.

The number of homes for sale on our multiple listing service is down a bit in Greeley. There has been a 6.3% drop in available homes.

Wellington and Severance both have more homes for sale this year compared to last. Wellington has gone up just a bit. It’s a 6.5% increase, but the smaller number of homes makes that percentage seem a bit bigger, as that town only had 46 homes listed for sale last year at this time, and now (check post publish date) there are 49 for sale.

Severance has seen a significant increase, both in percentage and the actual number of homes. 60 homes listed for sale, as opposed to last year’s 22, gives buyers who are interested in dwelling near Bruce’s Bar in the swaying hills of Colorado’s farm and ranch country quite a few more options from which to choose.

Inventory has been an issue for Colorado real estate for a spell. Perhaps it’s because people just don’t want to leave. Or, it could be that, with the prices rising the way they are, it is difficult for people to sell and cash in any equity they may have built for something that improves their situation in a way that would be pleasing to them.

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