Price Per Square Foot | Wellington | Severance | Johnstown | Estes Park, Colorado

This post details the median price per square foot for real estate in Wellington, Severance, Johnstown and Estes Park, Colorado. Of these four different locales, two of them are on the east side of Interstate 25, and two are on the west.

Estes Park is the more unique town in this group, as it is a certified mountain town. Known for being the home of the world famous Stanley Hotel, it is also a standout in its beauty, recreational opportunities and is adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Data compiled and formatted by Infosparks. I access this service through our multiple listing service, IRES.

This is an interesting comparison of four distinct Colorado towns. As you can see, Severance hit a high in price per square foot in 2016, then dipped last year, and is starting to rise again this year.

Wellington, Colorado rose each year to this year’s high of $134 per square foot.

Johnstown went up from $108 in 2016 to $127 in 2017, but has stayed flat last year to this.

And Estes Park, like a drive from Loveland west through Thompson Canyon, goes up, and then down a little bit, and then way up. For price per square foot, it was at $228 in 2016, $217 in 2017, and at $293 this year.

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