Colorado Real Estate Buyer Documents [VIDEO]

In order to begin your search to find the proper property in Fort Collins, Colorado, or elsewhere in Northern Colorado to purchase, I will have you fill out a few documents that allows us to do that. 

This post and video are a supplement to a previous post – Now, Why Am I Signing This? Buyer Documents | Colorado Real Estate

When buying or selling real estate, and using a state licensed agent or Realtor®, there are quite a few standard forms that you will need to fill out. Some of them are the same whether you are using a Realtor® that works with RE/MAX Alliance or another brokerage. These are the ones that are approved by the Colorado Division of Real Estate and Department of Regulatory Agencies. 

From previous post – Now, Why Am I Signing This? Buyer Documents | Colorado Real Estate

The Documents and What They Accomplish

  1. Buyer Information Sheet – Conveys proper information about you to me so that your names, addresses and personal information are correct on important contracts and documents that will be used throughout the process.
  2. BROKERAGE DISCLOSURE TO BUYER – DEFINITIONS OF WORKING RELATIONSHIPS – Explains the different roles I can take in serving you as you buy Colorado real estate. You will have to decide in what capacity I serve you, and this document explains the different choices you have. I am happy to assist you in understanding the different roles I can take before you decide. STATE APPROVED FORM
  3. BUYER ADVISORY from RE/MAX Alliance – At RE/MAX Alliance, we want our clients and customers to know exactly what is happening with their purchase. This is a form that is specific to our brokerage that we provide as added value in the form of educational content. View Copy of BUYER ADVISORY Here
  4. EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO BUY LISTING CONTRACT – Allows me to start work for you as your agent, and commence sending you listings via email, setting up showings, negotiating on your behalf and doing the other things that I do as a Realtor® to enable you to buy property. STATE APPROVED FORM
    1. View Copy of Contract Here
  5. Affiliated Business Disclosure – Informs you of business relationships or ownership stakes that one company may have in another company with which you may or may not be doing business. For example, some owners of RE/MAX Alliance also have ownership in Mortgage Alliance, a mortgage company that has offices and officers inside RE/MAX Alliance offices. It does not change the way that I operate as a Realtor®, and does not mean that any of my clients have to use said mortgage company, or even meet them. This is a disclosure we use to keep everything transparent and above board.
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