Giving Back – Paul Is Auctioneer at Healing Warriors Program Annual Gala

The Star Spangled Gala is the Denver event for Healing Warriors Program

What this organization does is amazing. I’m so thankful they are giving me a chance to help. I am always happy to lend my voice and stage skills to aid programs like this.

Check out what Healing Warriors Program does.

Healing Warriors Program provides Acupuncture, CranioSacral therapy and Healing Touch to our Active Duty and Veteran service member community, for assistance with pain management, sleep disturbances and PTSD symptoms. Source –

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Lately, I’ve been lucky enough to be connected to the Healing Warriors program. I run my business by referral, finding people to serve through past clients, friends, family, and people I’ve come to know during my long tenure of serving Colorado. I found Healing Warriors through a friend at the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce. 

Healing Warriors program is something that is easy for me to support. They provide acupuncture, craniosacral and healing touch therapy to service members and their family for pain, PTSD and sleep.

Their mission is, as stated on their website:

Our mission is to advance individual wellbeing for Veterans and their families through evidence-based complementary care services and education.

The Star Spangled Gala is an event that is taking place in Denver. I’m quite proud to say that I performed well enough at the Golden Ticket Event that they held at the new Colorado State University Alumni Center earlier this year that they asked me to help at their event in Denver. Normally, I have only done events that are in Fort Collins, but since Healing Warriors has operations here and in Denver, Longmont and Colorado Springs, I am more than happy to make the trek to Cherry Creek to serve as auctioneer at this event.

Check out the event Facebook Page for the Star Spangled Gala. 

I hope you’ll consider attending. It will be a great event.

Front Range Colorado Veterans In Need

If you are an active duty service person or a veteran, please have a look at the different services Healing Warriors provides. If they fit your needs, check with them for eligibility. They are so happy to help and are an incredible group of people and practitioners.

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