Median Sale Price Old Town Fort Collins Colorado [INTERACTIVE CHART]

This post has the median sales price of real estate in Old Town Fort Collins. 

Old Town is one of the most desired neighborhoods in Fort Collins, Colorado real estate. How much do you think the median sale price of a home is?

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Data compiled and formatted by Infosparks. I access this service through our multiple listing service, IRES.

As of post publish date, the median sale price of residential real estate in Old Town Fort Collins was $463,000.

I guess it is important to note what boundaries I used for “Old Town”, since that is a term used by locals, and different people think it means different things. I used the intel gleaned from my long time tenure as a resident here in Fort Collins, and also from this blog post that I created from feedback that you gave me on my social media. By the way, are we friends? Are you following me? No? Click here for my Facebook page! 🙂

Here is the blog with the answer to “What is Old Town Fort Collins?”

And for the record, here is a screengrab of the map shape I used. SoPro/NoPro in effect!

Map shape of Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado

Did you think it would be higher? Let’s go deeper with the data. Here is a look breaking out two versus three bedroom homes.

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