As a Realtor® who specializes in communicating, creating educational and helpful content is a big part of my job.

I communicate in every way you can imagine. It’s the modern ‘Multiple-Platform’ approach that is necessary to keep you properly informed in this day and age. Of course, in person conversation is my favorite and the most important form of communication. But, as a Great Communicator, I absolutely use all forms of communications that are at our disposal. If you are a client of mine, you will never be surprised to see phone calls from me; also, text messages, emails, snail mail, Facebook, Instagram and other social media posts and direct messages. Further, you’ll see print publications (look for the Wozniak Real Estate Report in our community now), invites to great events and parties. I like to mix it all in there.

Blogging is one of my favorite ways to communicate, since I can post content that anyone can find and benefit from, plus, it makes for easy texts of great material when I am conversing on a certain subject with a client, and I want to send them a digital resource for their perusal later.

As we near the end of the year, I wanted to post the TOP TEN blog posts that you enjoyed the most from 2018. This is in order of how many times they were visited, so these posts were truly the people’s choice from this year.

This post, which became a print report was the most popular post of 2018 on Average time on this page – 5:15!

In 2nd place was this post. I put it up because I know you want to do as much research as you can on the Fort Collins and Northern Colorado home buying process. And you did. 🙂 Average time on this page 7:49!

Again, a post devoted to you dedicated online researchers. I think it’s important for me to provide you with as much education as I can, so when we connect, you are prepared with questions and concerns about the process. Average time on this page – 6:35!
My posts keep viewers for a LONG time. 2:36 is a lifetime for an average time spent on page…something I’m VERY proud of!
Controversy = eyeballs on the Internet, there’s no doubt about that. Fort Collins occupancy limits have been the subject of much debate for decades, so I wasn’t surprised to see this blog post getting as many visits as it did.
Heron Lakes and the TPC golf course in Berthoud is one of the most exciting developments in Northern Colorado, so a lot of people checked out this post.
You educate yourself well, Colorado real estate buyers. This post was visited often.
This one was a simple listing post. Perhaps it gained so much traffic because of the list price, which was $220,000.
The fact that Zillow cannot match the official Multiple Listing Service website that Realtors® use is the subject of this post. It’s an important education piece, and a post that was visited a lot during 2018.
As a Great Communicator, I like to make sure you know the basics of Colorado real estate. This includes the terms and jargon we use to describe and classify properties. You studied up, visiting this post quite a bit in 2018.
It is important to understand how EVERYONE is paid during any transaction. Because there is often some confusion and misinformation out there concerning how Realtors® are paid, I posted this, and it was visited a lot!

If you want to buy or sell Fort Collins or Northern Colorado Real Estate, I would love to serve you and I want you to know THREE THINGS!

  1. I have time for you
  2. I will listen to you
  3. I am early, happy, and ready, and excited to serve your real estate goals and dreams!

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