I am extremely proud of the communication that I bring to my clients and community.

Frankly, I participate in social media because of my clients. I know they are there. So, I need to be there as well, providing value and letting them know I want to continue to serve them.

I was very happy to be included on PropertySpark.com’s list of Top 20 Realtors® on Social Media.

Check out the entire list here!

My clients know I want to continue to serve them because that is what I do on social media—serve them—with information, data, insights and ideas that concern real estate in Fort Collins and Colorado.

My posts are education heavy. Just look at what I’ve posted recently.

I publish raw data, so my clients can analyze things for themselves, and because what data means is not always clear, and is always dependent on context.

I publish advice and opinions, because I’m not a robot. I’m human intelligence that uses robots for the betterment of my clients situation.

I share what the best sources of real estate information have to say. I rely on the support network that this market provides, like the Fort Collins Board of Realtors and RE/MAX Alliance, my brokerage.

I have better information than Zillow, and I’m damn proud to say that. It’s mainly because I am a ‘boots on the ground’ Realtor® who is part of our amazing Multiple Listing Service, IRES. My data is just more reliable than their data, in my humble opinion.

And frankly, I LIKE social media. I think it is fun, and I’m thankful that such a user friendly free platform is available to us.

If you ever want to see what we can accomplish together, reach out to me in any way you’d like…including on Social Media. 🙂

Realtor Paul Wozniak
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