Median Sales Price - Fort Collins Vs. Boulder

The prices are rising all over Colorado, and have been for a while. Some prices rise faster than others.

Let’s compare the median sales prices in Fort Collins and Boulder.

These are two of the most popular spots in Colorado. The outlying areas are growing quickly as well. 

What a difference in median sales price of real estate in Fort Collins and Boulder, Colorado. 

You can see what’s happening here. The price of real estate in Boulder rose to it’s pinnacle point long before Fort Collins’ prices gained the distinction of being discussed as being the ‘next Boulder.’ Why Boulder is more expensive is a question that could take volumes of books and blog posts to discuss, so let’s just look at the chart. 

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Data compiled and formatted by Infosparks. I access this service through our multiple listing service, IRES.


Boulder Median Sales Price – $714,000

Fort Collins Median Sales Price – $387,000


This is for all residential property types, both attached dwellings and detached dwellings, any number of bedrooms, any amount of square footage and lot size…so, a bird’s eye view of just about every type of non-commercial property in the two towns.


Detached dwelling

Also known as a ‘single family home’. Basically, this is a stand alone house.

Attached dwelling

Townhome, or condominium, or other type of structure that has another structure attached to it in some way.


Boulder, Colorado

Pearl St. in Boulder is a popular pedestrian area with shops, restaurants and more.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins’ Old Town is a popular visitor and local attraction.