If you drive I-25, you don’t need me to tell you that there is some road work going on.

 It seems like the work has been happening for…well, forever, really. What with the improvements to the Crossroads exit, the work around Johnstown, and all the other projects happening, typical drives are rarely typical.

 Those that commute between the Denver and Northern Colorado area know this story all too well.

However, the point of these projects is to lessen, not worsen, traffic congestion.

So, on the parts that have been finished, do you think that the end result is better than before the construction


Let’s take the intersection at Horsetooth and Timberline in Fort Collins as an example.


This had traffic backed up for almost a year back around 2015. With the population of Fort Collins growing the way it is, the old infrastructure just can’t handle it.

So, they added pork chop islands which make it easier for right turns, more lanes, and updated lights and crossing buttons. Did it help? In my opinion, it certainly did.

Before the construction, with the old structures in place, it took much longer to get through the intersection than it does now. Even at heavy traffic times, the light at Horsetooth and Lemay is the nightmare. If you are heading east on Horsetooth, the cars can back up too much for people turning south on Lemay to reach the turn lane, even though it’s a long turn lane.

The way they built the intersection simply enables it to handle a heavier load of traffic. Now, this is admittedly a microcosmic example, a much smaller effort than the work that is currently happening (February 2019) on I-25, but the point remains the same.

From pain (traffic jams due to construction), will come pleasure (wider highway, more room for all).

 So, as I drive down I-25 and the ‘Fines Double’ through the construction area, even when the traffic is backing up, I breathe a sigh of relief, because I imagine what it will be like when they are finished.

 What do you think?