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by May 1, 2019

Why Zillow and other National Real Estate Sites Lag Behind

It happens to me almost every day! A client sends me a listing from a national site, and says “This is the one!” I look at our actual local Multiple Listing Service, and the property is no longer for sale. Or the price is wrong. IRES MLS provides me with a service called MySite that sends legitimate listings to your email, and they have the proper information!

Why is their information so much more accurate? Because all of those national sites pull the information from IRES! The only thing is that they can’t keep up in real time. So, a client thinks a property is for sale, they get all excited, only to have me find that the property has been sold, or is under contract, or something else is incorrect that changes the level of excitement. 

Easy way to avoid this? Shop locally! That’s right, a local Realtor® (like me) who is plugged into the proper MLS can help you avoid this headache!