Boutique Lofts For Sale in Old Town, Fort Collins, CO

by | Jul 11, 2019

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Listed by RE/MAX Alliance Realtors® David Johnson and Jennifer Fields link to 310 W. Olive St. Unit B 

*Floor plan and images are for example only and may not reflect current availability. Contact listing agents or Paul Wozniak for details. 

The Oasis on Olive is an exciting new real estate development in Old Town Fort Collins. Construction will begin in late summer 2019 and the units are expected to be completed just over a year after that in fall 2020.

Here is what the listing Realtors® and builders have to say about the project:

Nestled among mature gardens & landscaping these 7 Lofts integrate perfectly amongst 4 Historic Landmark homes.

The Oasis on Olive provides an unparalleled living experience for the residents’ while adding to the incredible vitality of the Fort Collins Downtown.

Choose between 7 Unique customizable condominiums located on 310 W. Olive Street. in Old Town Fort Collins.

Construction begins late Summer 2019, Estimated Completion Fall 2020.

Oasis on Olive – FLOOR PLANS

*Contact listing agents for more details on floor plans

Old Town Fort Collins

What would it be like to live in Old Town? Well, I can tell you because I’ve lived there. It’s amazing. To me, it had a feeling of connection. Of fun. Of modern existence in a throwback community. I now live on the west side of town, but my love for Old Town is not gone. I spend as much time there as possible. Whether it’s an afternoon at City Park with my son, a lunch meeting that includes the oh-so pleasant stroll through downtown on my way to and from, or a night on the town, Old Town is very special. Now, with the improvements that have happened to the Old Town Square, the alleyways, and the whitewater park that is going in just north of Cherry St., there is a lot to be happy about in the heart of Fort Collins.

The Old Town section was well planned from the get-go in the 1800’s. Franklin Avery, one of the town’s early developers who did surveying work on the town site reportedly said something along the lines of:

“There is plenty of room out here, and I’m going to use it.” *Source Fort Collins Tourism Ambassador Pre-Class Reading and Reference Materials

This is why you see, all along College Avenue in Old Town and throughout much of the area, wide sidewalks, parking on each side, bike lanes, parking in the center, and space to landscape. Old Town was able to grow from horse travel to modern travel because they left the space. This really enhances the area’s livability factor!

From annual events and festivals that revolve around everything from Colorado State University’s Homecoming Parade to the art and music driven New West Fest; to the hanging of twinkle lights from fall through winter that give the area an amazing vibe; to weekly summer events that pack the calendar with live music; to the restaurants, shops, food trucks and street performers, Old Town is happening no matter what time of year it is.

Finally, Old Town, being a true historic city center that has a different feel than all the other neighborhoods and areas in town, gives residents and future residents of Fort Collins a choice to live amongst that history and all that it brings. An employee of Colorado State University or another business in Old Town that lived in Old Town might never have to drive a car if they didn’t want to. The city’s transit system, bike lanes and sidewalks provide options for a different lifestyle. The other neighborhoods in Fort Collins are a bit more along the lines of suburban America. Old Town, in all its glory, simply provides a unique living experience that for many residents of Fort Collins, is the only one they want.

Realtor® Paul Wozniak

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