Median Sales Price – Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Timnath, Colorado

by | Oct 8, 2019

In Colorado real estate, we haven’t seen very many year over year decreases in median sales prices for a while.

Dips, yes? Gains? Many.

Yet here we have Timnath and Windsor with the median sales prices over 2% lower in September of 2019 as they were at the same month’s end in 2018.

Well, data and numbers definitely tell a tale, but they don’t always tell the full tale.

When it comes to Timnath, the tick down could be because much of the real estate there is brand new. When a builder finishes a project of extremely luxurious, higher-priced, brand new homes and sells them, the median boosts. There are numerous developments out there that are selling like crazy, and the amount that has sold recently could be in a lower price that sold this time last year.

Also, there were 236 closed sales in September 2018, and 281 closed sales in September 2019. More sales, more data. Numbers will move.

Windsor and Timnath, when it comes to median sales price of real estate, tend to be more erratic, as you can see by the chart.

Loveland and Fort Collins, on the other hand? They are continuing their steady climb.

Data compiled and formatted by Infosparks. I access this service through our multiple listing service, IRES.

The InfoSparks chart is a LIVE CHART, which updates every month so the data surrounding it in this blog post may cease to reflect what is happening as the situation and data changes. Check post publish date, or contact Paul with questions.

Median Sales Prices September 2018

  • Timnath – $512,508
  • Windsor – $411,052
  • Fort Collins – $382,000
  • Loveland – $347,000

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Median Sales Prices September 2019

  • Timnath – $500,000
  • Windsor – $401,586
  • Fort Collins – $395,000
  • Loveland – $361,268


Data from IRES MLS

IRES stands for Information Real Estate Services. It is the offical MLS of Northern Colorado, and all the data in the charts above comes from them and Infosparks. SCROLL OVER OR TAP chart lines for time specific data!