Real Estate Searches In Colorado – Why I Use Homesnap

by | Oct 21, 2019

Why Homesnap?

Because of accuracy.

Homesnap is connected to and provided by our local multiple listing service. IRES, as it is known, is the official organization that licensed Realtors® and real estate agents use to list homes for sale in Northern Colorado.

The multiple listing service (MLS) plays a huge role in the buying and selling of real estate. Licensed agents list clients’ properties, and other agents and buyers can then see the listings.

The MLS is where the secondary retail real estate websites (like Zillow and pull the information that they have on their sites. But since those retail sites are not a part of the MLS and because running an MLS is serious business, the Zillows and other entertainment real estate websites aren’t able to keep their information up to date the way the MLS does.

This is why it only makes sense to search for real estate using a site that is essentially the local MLS. All other sources, at this point, fall short in their accuracy.

HOW TO – Homesnap

Step 1Get HomesnapCLICK HERE! Homesnap is an app that goes on your phone. It works with iPhone and Android devices, and you’ll download it from wherever you get apps for your phone (App Store and the like).

Step 2Use the Homesnap app. I don’t really need to give you a deep tutorial, because Homesnap is so easy to use. If you’ve done real estate searches online in the past, I think you’ll find it very similar. Just get in there and start playing!

Step 3Questions? Let me know. I can walk you through any part of it, and we can do it over the phone, via video chat or in person.

Accurate From Denver to Fort Collins and Beyond

Homesnap is connected direclty to and the information generated from local multiple listing services. 

In Colorado, in a given area, one organization is tasked with being the official MLS. In general, where one MLS ends, another begins.

For Northern Colorado, the multiple listing service is IRES. I am a member, and they provide me (and you) with the Homesnap app as a service.

For Denver, the multiple listing service is REColorado.  Homesnap integrates listings that are on both services into their searches, so if you are on the line between Northern Colorado and Denver, or not sure where you’ll end up, you’ll still see all the properties both areas have to offer.

Or, if you are working with an agent that has a membership in one but not the other, you won’t miss properties because Homesnap brings them together!

This is big technology combined with local people creating a local service, and it is fabulous!

You Get To Drive

Homesnap is an app that you put on your phone. You control your searches. You can change them at any time.

It’s quick and easy to set up, and the search feature is very easy to use as well.

When you download Homesnap with the link I give you, it will connect us so that we can communicate through the app about properties in which you have interest.

Once you have it on your phone, there are so many cool features that you can utilize to make your home searching process personal and effective.

Getting started with Homesnap is as easy as sending me a message and letting me know that you want it.

I’ll reply right back with the details.

 Email –

Phone/Text – (970) 231-8217

You + Me + Same Page = Success

The reason Homesnap is the best way to search for property is because it is accurate, it shows you the properties that are available, it’s easy for you to setup searches, and it helps me stay current on your progress. It shows me what you like and don’t like.

And when you want to see a property, you can just tap and send me a message. I setup the showing from my PRO version of the app.

With Homesnap, you and I will both be looking at the same thing. When you ‘Favorite’ a property, I’ll know. When you love a property, you can send it directly to me.

I’ll be up to speed on what you are searching for, and that will make it so that I can be of the most help in your search.

Confusion and wrong information are the enemies of a property search. 

Avoid these two traps by using a Realtor® (like me) that you trust, and a search application (like Homesnap) that is connected to your local MLS.

Search Features Galore

The search features in Homesnap give you everything you’ll want to find your next property. You can search in the obvious ways, by using number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, price, and location.

You can also add much more sophisticated dimensions, like commute times and school districts.

When you are out and about, use the camera feature to snap a photo of a property that is for sale  and the listing will come right up on your phone. You can use it even if the property isn’t for sale. It will pull the public records and give you info on the property. 

Search by zip code. Search by drawing a shape on the map. 

Homesnap’s search is robust, accurate, complete, high tech and easy to use!



Integrated Street View by Google

Homesnap has Google Street View in it. It’s one thing to look at property photos that sellers want you to see. It’s another to really see what the street looks like. In the past we couldn’t do that without going to the neighborhood. With this feature, you can have a brief look at your potential neighborhood-to-be.

Let’s keep in mind some best practices when using something like Google Street View to form opinions about neighborhoods. If you are curious about what Google Street View is, click here.

For our purposes, I’ll just say that it isn’t a live feed watching the street. 

It’s not a real time video, but with this awesome feature, you can get a little bit of feel for the street.

Realtor® Paul Wozniak

Realtor® Paul Wozniak

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Please let me know if you want Homesnap, or if I can answer any of your real estate questions!

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