Why Work With Me?


I Care

I truly feel that this is one of the most important things about me that should make me the obvious choice when you need a Realtor®. 

I care about doing the job right. I care about communication, keeping you fully informed, and educating you so that you know what you need to know in order to make the big decisions ahead.

I care about protecting your interests. I care about your time.

I care about doing my best, for you and for my community.


Communication is cornerstone of any Colorado real estate transaction. You communicate your desires to me. I communicate what we’ll need from you in order to make those dreams a reality.

Everything is based in good communication. Scheduling is communication. The contracts we use are communications. Negotiation is communication. Problems or issues that arise and must be dealt with will be handled through solid communication.

Communication is what I have a degree in (Telecommunications, Penn State, 1998). It is my background, my passion and the keystone of how I do business.

My Clients Are Satisfied

I am here to serve, and that quickly becomes evident to my clients. Whether it’s making sure I can fit into their busy schedule, promptly calling them back if I miss them, or the time and care I take to ensure that their questions are answered, I am sure they know I am here to help them achieve their goals.

I communicate with them thoroughly, and am comfortable doing so via text, email, voice call, video chat or (my favorite!) in person.

If they work 9-5, I am happy to show properties after hours. If they want to move slowly, I am pleased to let them do so. If we need to have something accomplished with urgency, I’ll help you get it done.

Because communication is so important to me, I think the thing my clients like so much about me is that they feel comfortable making decisions because of the time and care I take in helping them understand what is happening during the transactions.

If they call, they know they can expect me to answer, or get back quickly. If they have a question or need, they know that I’ll do my best to answer or accomodate them.

While I do advise on things like pricing homes and amounts of offers, my clients know they are in the driver’s seat and if the offer they make or the price they set is their offer and their price.


No matter what I’m doing, I strive to add as much value to the situaiton as I possibly can.

It’s possibly the reason why you’ve found this website. Much of my traffic is organic, because Google and other search engines recognize the value of the volumes of informational blog posts that I create for the benefit of buyers and sellers of real estate in Colorado.

Providing value, dynamic value, that changes and adapts with the circumstances of what is happening, is all I want to do.

When you work with me personally, you benefit from my drive to provide as much value to my clients and community that I can.

My Team – RE/MAX

My Brokerage – RE/MAX Alliance has been a leader in Colorado real estate for years. Not only do we have offices and Realtors® all over the state, the RE/MAX balloon is quite international.

From our office staff to the owners of the brokerage to my mentors and associates, if there is a question that we need to have answered, I have the network to answer it.

When you hire me, you tap into my network. And it is a powerful network!