Fort Collins Homes For Sale – How Do We Find Your Home?

by | Jan 28, 2020

Fort Collins Homes For Sale

So it’s time to start browsing Fort Collins homes for sale. Well, as with everything, we’ll start by opening the channels of communication. I’ll learn about you, what you want, and what type of real estate you desire.

You will learn about Colorado real estate, to the degree that you need to. I work with all types of clients, some who have never bought real estate, and some who have bought and sold many properties. After some brief, introductory get-to-know-what-we-need-know stuff, we’ll be off to the searches.

An Hour Up Front Will Save You Hours, Even Days

If you are serious about buying real estate, I find it most effective to meet at my offices at RE/MAX Alliance (good news is we have offices all over Colorado so it will be easy for us to meet). 

During that meeting, we will start the process.

This initial meeting sets us up for success. It helps me fully understand what you are looking for, thereby enabling an effective search.

I’m ready to start when you are!

What Do You Want?

During our initial meeting, we’ll talk bedrooms and bathrooms, layout and lot size, prices and other preferences, neighborhoods and must-have necessities.

We’ll also chat about things you DON’T want from your property. I want to learn what your dealbreakers are.  What would make a property one that we can just scratch off the list?

As I learn about you, I’ll know how to engineer our search so that we see the maximum number of properties.

Process of Elimination

Rather than a process of selection, we’ll cast a wide net and use a process of elimination. What we want to do is show you all the properties available that fit your criteria.

The initial meeting is essential to setting up a successful search, because it allows us to create it so that it will actually yield properties that have what you want.

80% Perfect Property Rule

As we search, I’ll ask you to consider properties that you find to be about 80% perfect. The reason for this is because the perfect property barely exists.

Well, if money is absolutely no object, we can probably find you a PERFECT property.

Short of an unlimited budget, I think that a house that seems to be 80% perfect is worth serious consideration.

Have You Talked to a Lender?

Unless you are paying cash, we’ll need to know that your financial situation can support what we are searching for. Where you get your financing for your home doesn’t matter to me. I do have lenders I can refer you to, or you can use one that you have found.

If you aren’t paying straight cash for the property, it doesn’t make much sense to shop until we know how much you are shopping with.

Consultations with lenders are free, and can be done on a no-obligation process.


Which Search? 

So, I know that you are still going to use Zillow, even after we begin to work together. I get it. 

I am not a fan of that site, or any other site that isn’t our local multiple listing service (MLS) for one reason—reliability. 

The entertainment real estate websites are not reliable. Their information is often outdated, and it becomes a tease for my clients. 

I prefer Homesnap

Homesnap is directly connected to your local MLS. Why does this matter? Accuracy. If you insist on using Zillow, fine. Use it. When you find something you like, verify it with Homesnap.

All about Homesnap – Click Here!


MySite from IRES MLS

The other search I like is MySite from our local MLS, IRES. This is a site that is directly connected to the MLS and will notify you immediately (if you prefer) when a new home comes on the market, or if a home you were interested in goes under contract, or sells, or has any activity associate with it. It’s also great for the casual shopper because I can set it up to only arrive once per week, two weeks or per month. It’s reliable, accurate and easy to use.

Fort Collins Homes For Sale – Showings

So, you’re approved for a loan, we know the ballpark amount you want to spend, we’ve gone over what you want from a home, we’ve identified locations. Now, it’s time to look.

As we ramp up to this process, you’ll probably tell me neighborhoods and areas in which you want to live. That will help us find specific Fort Collins homes for sale to book showings. If there is time in between when we set the appointment and the actual appointment and you have the chance, feel free to drive by the property. Having a look at the street, if you’ve never been on it before, can tell you a lot.

For casual looking, see if you can accomplish that with open houses. Not that we mind our jobs, but scheduling showings for properties that you have absolutely no interest in can make it so that sellers may have to vacate their home and your Realtor® needs to show up to let you in.

Once you are in the home, imagine yourself in it ‘as is’. The property you see is the property you’d be buying. The inspection period may reveal some things that need to be changed, but I wouldn’t go into making an offer with the expectation that the seller is going to change much. They can sell it you, and you can change it, but in many cases with Fort Collins homes for sale, what you see is what you get.

If/when you fall in love with something, or almost in love, make sure your Realtor® knows it so that they can either help you make an offer on it, or if it’s outside your grasp for whatever reason, help you find something similar that will work for you. It’s important for us to know what you like and don’t like. 

Realtor® Paul Wozniak

Realtor® Paul Wozniak

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