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by | Mar 22, 2020

Trying Times Call for Extra Effort

These are tough times. All of us are digging deep and preparing to do what we have to do to survive. I look forward to the time when we can get back to making our goal “thriving” instead of “surviving.”

But, as my least favorite saying goes, “It is what it is.”

I’m here to give “what it is” the potential to still involve real estate, if that is one of your needs at this moment. I know a lot of you are battening down the hatches and not making real estate moves at the moment, but not everyone has that luxury. 

If you need a Colorado Realtor®, this post outlines why I would make a great choice. 

A Special Kind of Realtor®

During these crazy times, if you need real estate help, I believe you’ll need someone who is a great mix of the new and old schools. You’ll need someone who can safely and responsibly conduct business on your behalf and get the job done. 

Some people will still need to relocate, regardless of the current situaion. A virtual Realtor®, someone who is handy with video, who can easily upload and send videos, who can post things permanently online for your perusal when you have the chance, could be the ticket.

The kicker is that this person (like me) needs to know the Northern Colorado real estate market from a “boots on the ground” perspective. The modern tech capability is one part, yes, but the ability to speak to specific situations with authority because of market knowledge will absolutley be essential.

The Multiple Platform Realtor®

“Multiple platform” in its current sense, refers to people who live and/or conduct business across platforms. For example, for me to be an effective Fort Collins, Colorado Realtor®, I need to be seen and able to communicate across multiple platforms. For my clients, I need to be able to be with them in person (the best, most important platform, and also my favorite!), on the phone, via text, email, and even mail. Yes, I’m a thank you card sender :).

If they aren’t available to view a home, I can use video chat or create videos and take pictures so that they can see if they are interested in the property.

For marketing homes that I have for sale, staying in front of potential buyers, letting other Realtors® know what I have for sale, and to keep my business running, I need to be on social media.

That is Multiple Platform. And in these times, it’s more important than ever that you have a Multiple Platform Realtor®.

Hierarchy of Platforms

*This is a ranking of the platforms, but it’s subjective. Different situations make different platforms more, or less, effective. 

  1. In Person – This is, always has been, and I believe always will be, the best platform on which to communicate. “Belly to belly,” as it is sometimes called in sales. I hope that nothing ever repalces the blessing of eye contact and meeting in person.
  2. Video Chat – It’s not as good as in person, but it’s pretty close. Some of today’s video chat apps, are so instant and so high quality that it almost seems like we are there.
  3. Video – Video brings you there. Unlike in person and video chat, recorded videos lack the ability for back and forth communication.
  4. Phone – The old standby that changed the world almost 150 years ago.
  5. Audio – The popularity of the podcast has increased people’s love of the old school broadcast.
  6. Email/Text – For showing and sharing documents, these are so wonderful. With today’s tech, I can send official documents for review and even official signature. When it comes to hard information, these can be even better than video.
  7. Mail – Though I don’t love it for marketing, I do love to send handwritten thank you cards. I also love to receive them!
  8. Skywriting/Smoke Signals – Kidding. Just seeing if you are still with me. LOL!

A Big and Engaged Following

I have over 7,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram. This website, because it is filled with helpful content, as of today, was averaging over 450 views per week with an average of over three minutes and forty seconds time spent on page. If you dont’ know much about time spent on Internet pages, that is A LOT! It’s a number I’m very proud of and it comes from the fact that I create relevant and helpful content.

You can use my audience to your advantage. As a seller, you’ll have more eyes on your Colorado home for sale. As a buyer, you’ll benefit from my vast network and the helpful content on the page.

Video Communication is Key!

I’ve been making video since the days of the VHS shoulder camera. My degree in Communications from Penn State was very video heavy, and I’ve always loved the medium.

In today’s real estate world, if a Realtor® doesn’t know video, then they are missing a sizable portion of the buying and selling public.

People are used to video, and they expect it. 

I actively market my listings using custom videos for each one. Myself and my colleague Robert Crow create “Reaction Videos” for our listings. Reaction videos are basically when we make a video tour of a listing and then react to it as we talk about the features. You can see an example of one we did for one of our fellow RE/MAX Realtor’s® listings because it was a pretty spectacular home. 

These videos get good views and are a great way to market our listings. 

So even before COVID-19, we were ahead of the video curve.

Building – Networks, Trust, Relationships, Familiarity

Video is also key to many other aspects of the real estate business. When people gain value from the videos I create, it reminds them that I am a trusted resource for professional real estate representation.

When I stay visible in the marketplace using video, it reminds my fellow Realtors® of the value I bring, and it helps them trust me so that they are comfortable accepting offers from me, or sending me offers because they remember what they already knew—that I am fair and reasonable and will work to get the deal done to the benefit of all parties involved.

When agents receive an offer, they look at the details. They also look at the names attached to it. My name, and the name of my brokerage, are known and trusted, and that can make a difference in which offer is selected.

The live video (above or left) is a great example of how I stay visible in this market and create trust because of the value inside the videos I create.

Postion Yourself for Success

This, too, shall pass. When it does, or even beforehand, if that is your need, put yourself in the position for success. Engage the services of someone who can help you through it, who is nimble enough to help you pivot with the changes and roll with the punches. Employ someone who is willing to go the extra mile, and has the know-how, resources and wherewithal to get the job done!

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Realtor® Paul Wozniak

Realtor® Paul Wozniak

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Realtor® Paul Wozniak serves in Colorado, helping people buy and sell residential real estate, land and commercial property.

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