Hartford Homes Colorado – The Ground Breaking Meeting

by | Apr 28, 2020

Ground Breaking Meeting with Hartford Homes Colorado


There are several points at which a buyer has an official meeting with personnel from Hartford Homes when they are building something that is starting as a dirt lot. We often call it a “dirt start.”

If you going from the dig to the finish with a Fort Collins or Timnath, Colorado new home builder, hopefully they keep you informed the way that Hartford Homes does. I’ve been through numerous meetings like this with buyers of Colorado real estate, so here is a little bit of what to expect.

I spoke with Sloan Tousignant from Hartford Homes Trailside property in Timnath.


A Once Over

The ground breaking meeting is big because it means that the home is getting closer and closer to completion. The home will be a significant piece of ownership, which, after closing, the owner is responsible for, so it’s important for them to understand what they are getting. 

Owners want to know that they are buying a quality structure that will stand the test of time against powerful forces like erosion and human wear and tear. The way it is built, how systems integrate with the structure and important factors of the home should be of the utmost concern to the buyer, so it’s good to have a chance to look at the whole thing and ask any questions. 

Details, Drawings, and Drainage

It’s not just drainage in the drawings they go over. It’s a little bit of everything. The superintendent at Hartford Homes (remotely, because of Corona Virus) patiently showed the buyer the important highlights from the site map. The explanation included drainage, locations of stairs, setback information, location of utilities and air conditioning, and more.

Plus, he answered questions and made sure we understood what he explained to us. 

How’s the Ground Down There?

Colorado soils are tricky. They’ve been known to be unreliable. We went over the soils report. 

Seeing the End from the Middle

The next big milestone in the build is the ‘pre-drywall’ phase, and that’s a ways down the road. Still, during the ground breaking meeting, we could catch glimpses of the finish line. 

As we talked about the appliances, and this buyer is getting into one of their higher end kitchen packages, I could almost smell the delicious food my clients will be feeding me (hint, hint) after they close. These particular clients have a real way with food. 🙂

The ground breaking meeting felt quite complete as we ended it with a feeling of looking forward to a job soon done. 

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