About Realtor® Paul Wozniak

Realtor® Paul Wozniak is a licensed associate real estate broker in Fort Collins, Colorado with RE/MAX Alliance. He serves clients throughout the Front Range of Northern Colorado; from Wellington to Longmont, from Estes Park to Greeley, Paul can serve you in selling or buying your home.

Communication. Understanding. Care. Closing.

These are the keystones of Paul’s business and life.

Paul Wozniak and Susan Moore - Morning Show Hosts for Northern Colorado

Modern Internet Communications – A Specialization for Paul Wozniak

I had my first computer (a Commodore 64) when I was 6. I’ve lived and participated intimately in the computer age. I use all forms of communication in order to achieve your Colorado real estate dreams.

Author Teresa Funke speaks at High Hops Brewery in Winsdor, Colorado, part of Poudre Heritage Alliance Poudre Pub Talks

Paul Supports Literacy By Sponsoring ‘Author Visits’ With Teresa Funke

I truly believe in literacy as a power to help humanity throughout our world. That’s why I support Teresa Funke’s Author Visits program.

Fort Collins, Colorado Real Estate Agent Paul Wozniak


Realtor® Paul Wozniak creates mountains of helpful blog content. This is a compilation of all the relevant posts to buyers of Colorado real estate.

Colorado Real Estate Transaction Costs – When and How Do I Pay My Realtor®?

With Realtors® or real estate brokers in Colorado, how do you pay? When do you pay? How do they charge?

Aspen Trees in Colorado

Why Are Fort Collins Real Estate Prices So High? The Aspenization of Colorado

Why are the real estate prices in Colorado so high? It boils down to the simple Aspenization of the entire state.

Fort Collins, Colorado Real Estate

Home Buyer Information | Real Estate in Colorado

What to expect when buying real estate in Colorado. What are the out of pocket costs? What is the process? How long does it take?

Realtor Paul Wozniak Auctioneer at Healing Warriors Gala

How Paul Gives Back to His Community

Realtor Paul Wozniak has been giving back to the Northern Colorado community since he first moved here in 2002.

REMAX Alliance Fort Collins - Team

About My Team – RE/MAX Alliance

Colorado real estate transactions aren’t easy to close. Realtor® Paul Wozniak’s team helps him and you get the deal done!

Paul Wozniak RE/MAX Alliance Fort Collins

Communications Guarantee!

The #1 complaint against Realtors® is that they don’t communicate well enough. Not with Paul Wozniak. Communication, understanding and care are the keystones to his business!

Colorado Real Estate Search Map

Fort Collins Homes For Sale – How Do We Find Your Home?

We follow a process to help you find real estate in Colorado. It is effiicient, effective, enjoyable. Avoid missing properties. Don’t overpay. Work with me.

Looking to buy or sell a home? Get in touch with Paul Wozniak!

Our personal real estate situations can be complex. In order for me to give you the most complete analysis of your situation, please fill in as much of this survey as possible. My job is to learn about you so I understand your situation and where you want to go.

I am happy to take a more personal approach and meet with you in person.

I’d love to see the property you own. If you are considering selling, having a first hand look at your property would be most helpful.

If you want to buy and would like to learn about the process, I am happy to meet, or communicate with you in whichever way is most convenient.

If you are considering buying real estate, fill in as much of the survey as you like, or schedule an appointment with me. I want to get to know you so that I can custom tailor my services to your situation, and put you on the right track to real estate success.

Realtor ® Paul Wozniak

Realtor ® Paul Wozniak

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